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There exists a mountain, within the demon realm, where Darla lives alone with her giant Blue Shell Crab pet named “Kitten”. Well, she wasn’t always alone atop this mountain. She lived amongst her fellow demon family, who have now been corrupted by the long life of most demons. She has set out to find and bring them back to the mountain to hopefully undo the damage that time has done.

This project has been seen as a comic book very clearly. Hopefully this will be available soon. 

Where do humans decide to hunker down and wait out the apocalypse? Bomb shelter? Nope. The Mall? Nuh-uh. Disneyland? Yeah, RIGHT! It wishes it was HALF the fortress that is Mighty Park! This is where a good portion of the remaining humans on earth have stayed and flourished. Coincidentally, this is also where our the adventure begins for a girl named Sono.

This project is being developed as an animated show. Currently hunting for a team willing to work for peanuts to bring it to life.